BLEW Heaven

It’s a fuck party. It’s a fundraiser… It’s a heavenly FUCKRAISER!!!

After the success of 2016’s BLEW, comes BLEW Heaven. A fuckfest of heavenly proportions.

We’ve made strides in the PrEP world this last 12 months, but we’ve got a long way to go before we get to cloud nine – where everyone has sound knowledge of PrEP, affordable and convenient access, and an informed doctor to prescribe it.
PAN wants to do more around PrEP awareness and education, especially in areas where PrEP hasn’t had a chance to shoot off yet. Help us spread the word.

How? You can help us do this by giving a LOAD (of cash).
Cum and put your prevention strategies to good use, and have a great fuck while you’re at it.

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The Dungeon @ Club80 – 10 Peel Street, Collingwood VIC
Friday 8th September
7pm – Late

—> Tickets $30 via
—> Can’t CUM? Grab a non-attendance ticket to show your support
—> Further donations on the night would be heavenly

100%  of ticket sales and donations assist PAN continuing to work toward wider PrEP access through advocacy and education.

— PAN ( PrEPaccessNOW Inc.) is a a non-funded community advocacy group.
— BLEW Heaven is a non-licensed men-only event. 
— Tickets are strictly limited. Limited CASH + CARD door sales on the night.
— Tickets are non-refundable
— No photography

BLEW has helped us to…

After the success of BLEW last year, PAN for the first time since forming in mid-2015 had the power to affect some real change.

  • In January we overhauled the old PrEPaccessNOW website. It was a little tired, and needed a serious makeover. We relaunched with a new name and a new website
  • Funds raised from the BLEW party enabled us to print simple and easy to read business cards, and ship them to clinics and sexual health services all across Australia. The cards provide a plain language ‘at a glace’ look into the PrEP importation process – and how much PrEP is likely to cost you per month.
  • Committee members  were able to attend the PrEPX-SA community forum in Adelaide and provide valuable insight into the personal lived experience of PrEP users.
  • We were also able to be represented as community advocates and share our PrEP journey at the NZAF PrEP forum in Auckland
  • We were also able to design our very own spin on the ‘Truvada Whore’ shirt, emphasising the importance of access to affordable generic medications for use as PrEP (keep an eye out for those soon!)
  • We were able to attend the Midsumma Carnival and distribute PrEP related information among the masses

What next?

  • If we are lucky, by the end of the year we will have PBS listing of at least one PrEP medication – so for many people in Australia our PrEP dreams will be realised. However the buck doesn’t stop there. We have a lot of work to do to support the influx of new PrEP users who need accurate and valuable information as they navigate their own PrEP journey. PAN is also developing a simple and plain language resource for GPs interested in prescribing PrEP in line with the ASHM (Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine) guidelines, plus a companion piece of collateral for community members.
  • The committee would like to attend the 2017 ASHM conference in Canberra in November to represent and advocate on behalf of the PrEP community, something we haven’t been able to afford in previous years.
  • We also have a number of ongoing costs that we need to cover to keep PAN alive: web and email hosting, mail and admin costs, as well as the cost of printing and delivering business cards and other pieces of collateral we create.

Simply put, we can’t do any of this without your help.